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Students Support Program

The Students Support Program is part of the Instructional Service, which includes a large-group instruction provided for students, parents, and teachers to impart information or deal with particular concerns.
CGC conducts every term of each academic year either Seminar-Workshops or Webinars on topics that may assist the students in managing their present concerns to ensure their mental health.


Suicide Prevention Webinar
Webinar on Drug Abuse Prevention & Control


Webinar on Exploring Diversity
Webinar on Life Purpose
Webinar on Nourishing Family Relationship
Webinar on Recalibrating Self in the Now Normal


Webinar on Goal Setting
Webinar on Valuing Diversity
Webinar on Self-Regulation
Webinar on Mental Resilience


Webinar on School Life Balance
Seminar on Gender Sensitivity
Seminar on Risk Management


Seminar on Stress Management
Seminar on Psychological First Aid-Makati
Seminar on Psychological First Aid-市内


Seminar on Bullying - Be A Buddy, Not a Bully
Seminar on Mental Health